About me

Hi, my name is Art Turner. I compose and perform Christian instrumental music featuring piano. Some people think the music I play is similar to music by artists like John Tesh, David Lanz, Jim Brickman, and Yanni.

My "hometown" is Jacksonville, Alabama, but I'm currently living in Irving, Texas.

My first CD is called “Art Effects.” It's mostly solo piano with five hymn arrangements and six original songs. The majority of the songs are relaxing, contemplative, meditative pieces in the style of new age piano.

My second CD is "Christmas Journey." It is, of course, a Christmas album. The style is a little different, with some songs reminiscent of Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas music.

Although Art Effects was my debut CD release, many of my works have been publicly performed, including choral arrangements, a Japanese ballet, several corporate video soundtracks, and even telephone "hold" music.

I began playing piano at age five. I studied music in college, but actually have a Ph.D. in political science, not music.

Since 1998, I have been working with humanitarian aid and cross-cultural communication projects around the world. My family and I have lived in Cyprus, Russia, India, and Singapore.

How to contact me

Email is absolutely, positively the BEST way to contact me.